STK Team does NOT have a minimum order amount , so we welcome and accept any size order. On the other hand, as much as your order grows , you have chance to win free products from us. This is quite beneficial because you can choose expensive products. For example :

–          If you want to try some product, choose it as free . If you will like it, you can order more

–          Maybe your friend need something, choose free products for him

–          If you order big , free products can be some of products which you plan to buy for next cycle

–          If you order big enough , free products can even give you a chance to make extra money. Many experienced users distrubute free products to friends to make extra cash for next cycle

Please check the list below to see how many free products you can get for which size order:

Now you can receive gift quantity based on your order total.See details below


Order total between
Gift quantity
$251.00 and $500.00
$501.00 and $750.00
$751.00 and $1000.00
$1001.00 and $2000.00
$2001.00 and $3000.00
$3001.00 and $4000.00
$40011.00 and $5000.00
$5001.00 and $10000.00