Important Notice

From February 2022 3D security system is recuired for all credit card/debit card payments. 3D secure payment system is an international method for banks to protect their customers  (you and us) from all international transaction risks. So if you wish to pay us with a credit card or debit card you must be sure that your card is open to 3D Security system.

If you are not sure the card which you want use for payment does have 3D or not, please contact with your bank to activate 3D payment system on the card. This can be done by call center or applications according to your bank. This is required for you to use that card for payment.

Western Union: This is a payment system based on sending money to another person in another country. Its very fast , transfers are completed in minutes. What are the things that you should know about Western Union:

-All Western Union transfers are made by paying commission, please check it from WU homepage to learn how much you need to pay for specific amounts of money.

-You can send online payment from many countries, please check this matter from WU homepage. Conditions will depend on your location.

-Please do not choose other day payment option. This will only delay your order.

-When you want to pay by Western Union , you will have chance to choose this before you complete order. If you choose WU, you will receive an e mail after you send order. This mail will have :

Receiver’s Name : First Name :  XXXX Last Name : YYYY , You should write this name WITHOUT any mistake. Otherwise transfer will not be able to receive by us, thus your order will not be shipped

Receiver’s Location : City : XXX , Country : XXX

Amount Sent : The exact amount you sent. Please specify that you want the transfer to be paid to receiver in USD ( American Dollars ) or Euro.

MTCN ( Money Transfer Control Number ) : The special transfer number which you will receive from Western Union after you complete payment. This number is a MUST to receive transfer. If we cannot receive this number or if it will be wrong number, we will not be able to receive money, so we will not be able to ship your order.

Money Gram: Another payment company which operates very similar to Western Union. You can accept it as an alternative to Western Union.